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addressing the greatest needs of our community

The Pennies from Heaven Foundation is a family foundation focused on serving the greatest needs of the local community.  We aim to create a path to self-sufficiency that will allow all people and families the opportunity, ability, means and support to cross the bridge out of poverty.








Our Commitment

Formed in 2012, the Pennies from Heaven Foundation invests in bridging the gap in the community's greatest needs with the focus on  basic needs, education, early childhood development, workforce development, education, community development.  Beyond financial investment, we provide leadership initiatives such as the Lakeshore Employer Resource Network, Mason County Family Link and the Lakeshore Food Club. 

In 2017 the foundation built the Lakeshore Resource Network building which houses over 12 area non-profits.  The purpose of this multi-million dollar project was to break down silos, encourage collaboration, share resources and provide a wealth of opportunity for those looking to ignite positive change.

To date, the foundation has distributed nearly $6 million in capital investments and over $4 million in grants to local non-profits towards housing, education, feeding and civic empowerment in an effort to transform both people and place in Mason County.

What We Support

In addressing the greatest needs of our community, we have invested time, talent, and financial resources in a variety of ways.

Your Career Here

We are proud of our place. There are a number of incredible opportunities to find your place in a meaningful career. To the local students who think there is nothing here for them, or the person considering moving to where they vacation, we encourage you to check out our Your Career Here Videos

The Changemakers

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, education, income level, or physical ability can make an impact. Be a ChangeMaker.

A message from our founders

The Pennies from Heaven Foundation believes in the power of “we”.  Instead of thinking of “me” we challenge you to think in terms of “we”.  When we change our perspective, or “think different,” we have the power to change our world.  7 billion people thinking WE is Heaven on Earth! It can only happen one person at a time. What do YOU think?

Pennies from Heaven is focused on the greatest needs in our community.  We endeavor to bring resources, money, and leadership to solve our community’s greatest needs.  We support and advocate for collaborative solutions that help fill gaps and build bridges for individuals and households to achieve self-sufficiency and the opportunity to thrive.

We are all on this journey together, whether it be family, neighborhood, community, state, nation, world.  Our only true purpose is to support one another on our journey. The only way to teach that message is to live it!

- John Wilson

1 in 5

kids in Michigan

live in poverty

while 2 in 5 live in a family struggling to make ends meet.


KidsCount 2018 Data Book

Michigan's subsidy ranked 49th for infant child care (Talent 2025)


58.1% of 3rd graders

in Mason County are NOT proficient in English or Language Arts 

KidsCount 2018 Data Book

By 2025...

64% of jobs will require some level of education beyond high school

Currently only 57.5% of adults in Mason County have education beyond high school. Talent 2025

40% of employees are subjected to drug testing policies

1 in 10 samples will give erroneous results.


Talent 2025

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