Who We Are

The Pennies from Heaven Foundation believes in the power of the "we" mindset realizing community is a family and we are all in this together. 


Instead of asking, "what's in it for me" Pennies from Heaven asks, "what's in it for we"? 

Pennies From Heaven tackles the greatest needs head-on and works to build bridges that help all households have the ability to achieve self-sufficiency and the opportunity to thrive.


Our Roots

Having been blessed with success, the Wilson family is committed to giving back to the community in ways that embrace the "we" mindset.  Through their involvement with the community foundation, John and Anita Wilson realized they could do more and in 2012, Pennies from Heaven was formed.  


Core Values

The following values define our promise to the community we serve.  

Innovate Continuously We diligently seek ways to improve our work to move above and beyond what seems possible.  We must be willing to implement new processes, services, or solutions that meet or exceed the need and not let fear of change kill innovation.  After all, when you change your mind, you can change your world.
listen fiercely - We actively listen to internal and external voices to understand the needs and acknowledge needs as opportunities that, when creatively addressed, enhance our community. 
collaborate & support - We participate in and convene across all levels of the community. Our individual differences make our organization more valuable.  We value diverse ideas, experiences, skills, work styles and backgrounds and harness individual differences to better support our partners.
lead by example - We believe leadership is an action, not a position. Therefore, we strive to dedicate the needed resources, including our time and energy, to create lasting impact.


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Board Member
Kathy Maclean
Board Member
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Vice Chair/Founder
Dr. Sue Henry
Board Member
Heidi Sytsema


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monica schuyler
Executive Director

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