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everyday people addressing the needs of our community

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, education, income level, or physical ability can do something to impact the lives of others for the better.  When a person chooses to think about the well-being of others, their thoughts, time and actions make a difference in the lives of those around them. They are ChangeMakers

Join us as we highlight a few of the many individuals in our community who are ChangeMakers. 

Show Up. Step Up. Make your community different. 


Megan and Brian #changemakers

Megan and Brian #changemakers
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Megan and Brian #changemakers

Megan and Brian #changemakers

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Mark Boon #changemaker

Mark Boon #changemaker

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Mary DeWys #changemaker

Mary DeWys #changemaker

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Dena Thurston #changemaker

Dena Thurston #changemaker

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Opt for Unity

To bring together.

To make together

To live, to give, to rise together.

Together we stand in community.


And our community is forged by our experiences,

our challenges, our dreams.

And together we have the capacity to see

See beyond the horizon of what’s expected, or

accepted as good enough.

And to do something about it.

You see, We are a force.

We have the ability to shift, to drive, to elevate one another.

The ability to show up, to lift up, and make change,

For those who need it.


Sometimes all it takes is the willingness to be present.

It doesn't mean it has to be grand or magnificent,

Even the smallest can cause a ripple effect.

Yes, you can make an impact.


So cast out your doubts, your excuses, and realize you are significant.

Let's be clear on this, you are relevant.

So show up. Step up.

And make your community different.

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